The Millay Colony for the Arts

There are presently no open calls for applications.


Every year, we host 6-7 creators each month from April-November to come to Steepletop — the historic home of poet/activist Edna St. Vincent Millay — to reflect, refuel and create work that otherwise might not be realized. As a resident you are invited to become an instrumental member of an intimate multidisciplinary cohort designed to be both supportive and inspirational, ideally forming professional relationships as well as friendships that last a lifetime.  

We are located in the Hudson Valley nestled next to the Berkshires: our sylvan hilltop offers idyllic meadows and woods while being situated close to various world-renowned cultural institutions.  We are 2-1/2 hours from both Boston and NYC; transportation to/from train and bus stations, as well as airports, can be arranged.

Residencies during April-November are offered free of charge and include private bedrooms and studios, groceries and delicious chef-prepared dinners.  

We also have a few fellowships (to be expanded in 2020) that include stipends to offset expenses. 


MARCH 1, 12am midnight EST — Submittable portal opens mid-November


OCTOBER 1, 12am midnight EST — Submittable portal opens mid-April




Each participant should submit an individual application. For clarity, please note your partnership with the other applicant in your submission.


We offer TWO 5-day residencies annually for groups/collectives: this is available to all disciplines, including trans- and multi-disciplinary projects. To apply, submit ONE application, including Artist Statement with project description of proposed activity while in residence (whether creating new work, or revising/reviving/past projects/performances, exploring new collaborations, etc.), Work Samples from group and/or individual participants, Biographical Information that includes history of collaborative and any prior works and/or professional accomplishments/achievements and Preferred Residency months from August-November.  Please note that we also have space available during December-March for a fee.


In general, sessions are offered each month and last 3-1/2 weeks. We also offer TWO 12-day sessions in June and September. If you would like to be considered for a shorter residency, please include a note in the CONTACT INFORMATION section of your application and state your preference for: (a) SESSION 1 (JUNE) or (b) SESSION II (SEPTEMBER). Specific dates will be offered as soon as possible.

FOR PARENTS: We are exploring other options and are including a residency period devoted to a parent/artist cohort and are excited to partner with Pen Parentis on this initiative. At this time, we will offer sessions ranging from 5-12 days from June-September (most likely). If you would like to be considered for this residency, please include a note in the CONTACT INFORMATION section of your application and state your preference (to be considered, children may not be older than 18 years of age). Please note that the Millay Colony for the Arts CANNOT include/invite children to our residency we do not host anyone other than residents during the July-November sessions.


Jurors are invited as practicing professionals (local, regional and national critics, academics and artists) and/or alumni and change yearly. (If you apply for both rounds in a single year, your work will be seen by the same panel twice.) Past and present juries will listed on our new website--coming soon!

Our jury process is BLIND to ensure that accepted resident’s work is judged wholly on merit: your name or other identifying information should be removed from submission statement and work sample (we assign numbers to all applications).  


If invited to a residency after going through the application process, you'll be given a room, studio & all meals at no cost to you.  

Millay Colony also works with a range of organizations and individuals to support our residency program. (we do not discriminate by age, education level, background experience, geography, gender/identity, race/ethnicity):

ASIAN AMERICAN WRITERS WORKSHOP-THE MARGIN FELLOWS: These FOUR fellowships are awarded directly through the AAWW; if you identify as an Asian American writer and would like to be considered/have questions, please contact:  AAWW INFO DESK.

CAVE CANEM FELLOW: Awarded to TWO poetry applicants annually who identify as African American/Black.

HISTORIC BLACK UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGES: SCREENWRITER-FILMMAKER FELLOW: Awarded to ONE applicant who is a graduate of an HBUC; may include stipend, amount dependent on funding.

INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS FELLOW: Awarded to ONE applicant annually who identifies as Native American.

MID-ATLANTIC ARTS FELLOW: Awarded to FIVE applicants annually who reside in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Virginia or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

NANCY GRAVES FELLOW: Awarded to ONE applicant (open to all disciplines) whose prior work is archive-based (or a creator with this desire) that "mine" use the Nancy Graves Memorial Library collection at Steepletop as a site for research and inspiration for the creation of a unique piece; stipend may be included, amount dependent on funding. 

PARENT/CREATOR FELLOW: Awarded to SIX applicants annually who have children living at home under the age of 18years old; may include stipend, amount dependent on funding. Note that parent/creators who are writers are invited to post on the Pen Parentis blog as to their residency experience and also given a complimentary year-long membership to Pen Parentis.  (See *** for other scheduling options.)

ROSCOE LEE BROWN FELLOW: Awarded to ONE poetry applicant who identifies as a Person of Color; includes stipend, amount dependent on funding.

SEEMA YASMIN FELLOW: Awarded to ONE applicant who identifies as a Women of Color; includes stipend, amount dependent on funding.

VINCENT PRIZE FELLOW Awarded to TWO applicants who identify as trans*/genderqueer; may include stipend, amount dependent on funding.   (Specifically, creators whose gender is nonbinary and/or fluid as eligible for this Prize.)  For more information, go to: NFG-VINCENT PRIZE

We ask for identifying information in the application's CONTACT information for administrative and funding purposes only.


technical support email: 

application support email:

NOTE: If your application be waitlisted or rejected, as always, we are open during the months of December-March for self-directed residencies that include ONLY private bedrooms and studios (no groceries or chef-prepared dinners) for a fee.

For 2019/2020, we are also working on dates for group/cohort-oriented paid residencies that include up to 7 private bedrooms and studios and -- if desired -- groceries and chef-prepared dinners. If you are interested in this option, please let us know after you receive the results from the jury selection process.

The Millay Colony for the Arts