Millay Colony

There are presently no open calls for applications.

Each year Millay Colony for the Arts invites up to 62 individuals for residencies through the colony's application process.  

Application Deadlines: We have 2 yearly deadlines:

October 1st (Midnight, EST) deadline is for the following year of April, May, June & July residency sessions. The online system for the October 1st deadline opens early June.

March 1st (Midnight, EST) deadline is for the same calendar year of the August, September, October & November sessions. The online system for the March 1st deadline opens early November. 

Residency sessions are held each month from April through November, usually lasting around 3 1/2 weeks, with 2 twelve-day sessions also available in June & September.  

In each discipline, decisions are made by juries of artists, critics and academics. Your work is presented anonymously to the jury and is considered solely on the merit of your artist statement and work sample. Please keep these factors in mind as you prepare your application. It is very important that you do not include your name anywhere on your artist statement or work samples as you may be disqualified if they are within the body of work shown to the jurors.  Your application will instead be assigned a number by the administration.


Along with individual applications instructions within each discipline are the additional residency options:

Each member of the team will need to apply individually, submitting separate applications, fees, artist’s statements and only one work sample if applying in the same discipline. If collaborating in two different disciplines, apply using individual work samples. Each discipline will be viewed by its own jury.

Twelve-day residencies
To accommodate artists not able to attend the full residency,  twelve-day sessions are available in June & September. 

TO APPLY: The application process for the twelve-day residencies is the same as that for the 3 1/2 week residencies. Apply under your discipline, include a note in the contact info section of your application of your preference for either the first half of the session (Session 1), or the second half of the residency (Session 2), available in June & September.  (The exact dates for those sessions are determined each year after the Oct 1st deadline.)

Group Residency
Millay Colony awards one four to five day Group Residency each year to a group of between 3-7 collaborating artists. This is available to any artist group, including writers, musicians and bands, dance troupes, galleries, etc, or simply individuals collaborating on a project. The residency may be also used to support the creation and dissemination of new or revived art works.

TO APPLY: The basis for the application are work samples of individuals within the group , a statement detailing the history of the collaboration or organization, and a project description describing the proposed activities if invited to a residency.

Virtual Residency
Millay Colony will assign one Virtual Residency per year; specifically for working artists and/or artists with children who can not spend prolonged time away from home but can benefit from the support of a residency in modified form. 

To qualify, the 'Virtual Resident' must participate in one of The Millay Colony's month-long residencies, staying at the colony for a minimum stay of five nights & days, with the intent to continue specific work at home during the rest of the residency month.   Please note that we cannot accommodate other family members, including infant children at the colony during the residency.   A $1,000 stipend will be given to assist in securing time off/childcare/travel to & from the colony.

TO APPLY: Apply under your discipline, noting on application your preference for the virtual residency and which month preferred.

If you have any technical problems or questions with this process, don't hesitate to contact our software vendor's support team: