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  Applying to a Poetry Millay Colony Residency

You can download or print these instructions here:


Application Deadlines: We have 2 yearly deadlines:

March 1st Z(Midnight, EST, is the deadline for the August, September, October & November sessions. The online system for the March 1st deadline opens early November. 

October 1st (Midnight, EST) deadline is for the April, May, June & July residency sessions. The online system for the October 1st deadline opens early March.

Residency sessions are held each month from April through November, most lasting around 3 1/2 weeks, with twelve-day sessions also available in June & September.   

  In each discipline, decisions are made by juries of artists, critics and academics. Your work is presented anonymously to the jury and is considered solely on the merit of your artist statement and work sample. Please keep these factors in mind as you prepare your application. It is very important that you do NOT include your name anywhere on your artist statement or work samples as you may be disqualified if they are within the body of work shown to the jurors.  You application will be assigned a number once you complete your application and it is uploaded to our system.

What you will need to prepare before beginning the application process:

Artist Statement: In a one page Word document, write about your work, yourself and what you’d like to accomplish at Millay Colony as clearly and concisely as possible. The jurors want to get a sense of you as an artist and your creative process. This will help in making final decisions. The statement can be single-spaced.  For the artist statement do not include name, contact info, specific information regarding awards, published work, etc.

Work Sample: Submit up to ten poems adding up to no more than 15 total pages.  The combination of poems, length, etc, is completely up to you, as long as it adds up to no more than the 15 page limit.  Number all your pages and make sure your name is not on any of the work sample pages or in the subject box when saving the document, doing so could disqualify your application.

Biographical Statement & Preferred Residency Dates: Write up to 2 paragraphs listing relevant professional accomplishments,such as awards,published works, etc.  No CV's please, they will not be considered as a bio statement.  Also, tell us how you heard of the Millay Colony. This is for the administrative file and will not be seen by the jury members.

Let us know if you're applying for consideration to the following fellowships; 

Two Cave Canem Fellowships 

     For African American Poets.

Five Annual Mid Atlantic Creative Fellowship Residencies

     For artists of all kinds from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia and the Virgin Islands. Includes travel costs.

Two Yasmin Scholarship Residencies

 For women artist of color. Includes stipend.

               The October 1st deadline is for residencies from April-July, with a March 1st deadline for residencies August-November.  Twelve-day residencies also available in June & September.   

  After your biographical statement, denote (in order of preference) those months which you would be available to come to the colony. Include any comments regarding availability. Please note that we cannot guarantee months.

When you have all of the materials prepared and you are ready to apply:

1. Go to the Poetry application form located here:

2. Register (or sign-in if you already have a Submittable account).

3. Upload the Artist Statement & Work Sample files. Click the Add Files button, browse to the file on your machine and wait for it to upload. Repeat until all files are listed on the form.

4. Enter your prepared contact info as requested, including name, address, email, phone number, gender, ethnic background, date of birth, plus the 2 paragraph biographical statement and your preferred residency dates.  Please note that we welcome all artists, whatever their ethnicity, age or gender; our decisions are based solely on the work submitted.   

  5. Enter your payment information.

  6. Click the "Click Here To Apply" button. It is important that you do not click the "Click Here To Apply" button until all of the required documents are uploaded to the form. You will not be able to edit your application once it has been submitted.

Tech Questions/Problems? Email Submittable Support at support@submittable.com
Application Submission Questions? Email Millay Colony at apply@millaycolony.org